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AC Joint Separation

If you injure your shoulder blade, you may be suffering from an AC joint separation. This condition is treatable using chiropractic care here at Rockefeller Health & Medical in Midtown East and West Manhattan. Discover how we use chiropractic solutions to resolve your shoulder pain and treat AC joint separation successfully without surgery.

What Is AC Joint Separation?

AC joint separation occurs when you injure the collar bone and shoulder blade. If these two bones separate, this is an AC joint separation. Common causes of this include a fall on the AC joint or a sports injury. You might also suffer AC joint separation from an auto accident injury.

Should I See a Chiropractor in Midtown Manhattan for Joint Pain Treatment from an AC Joint Separation?

Yes. As an AC joint separation is a musculoskeletal injury, we can treat this condition. Using chiropractic treatments at our Midtown Manhattan chiropractor, we are able to diagnose this condition even before you experience shoulder pain.

What Is the Treatment for Shoulder Blade Pain?

We use chiropractic adjustments to realign the musculoskeletal system. This reduces inflammation and improves circulation, which boosts your body’s healing response. To help further reduce pain in your shoulder blade from an AC joint separation, we use acupuncture and massage therapy. These treatments along with corrective exercises you do throughout the week will help your body heal much faster following a shoulder injury.

Find an NYC Chiropractor for AC Joint Treatment

Now that you better understand what AC joint separation is and how to treat this joint injury, it is time to contact our NYC chiropractor. Our chiropractors Dr. Anthony Conte, B.S, D.C. and Dr. Cariann Paul at Rockefeller Health & Medical are ready to help you improve your shoulder function using all-natural treatments. Our patient area stretches throughout the 10036 zip code of New York City. Call our office at (212)-388-5050 and schedule a chiropractic consultation to start your AC joint separation treatment.

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