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How Acupuncture at Rockefeller Health & Medical in NYC Can Effectively Treat Your Insomnia

At Rockefeller Health & Medical in New York City's Midtown Manhattan, we recognize the impact that chronic insomnia can have on our patients’ physical and emotional health. That’s why our Manhattan chiropractic offices offer an effective treatment in the form of acupuncture. Let’s take a closer look at acupuncture and how it can safely and effectively relieve anxiety and stress to improve your night’s sleep and your sense of well-being. Our first step will be to get to know you and learn more about your sleepless nights.

Woman suffering from insomnia Exploring Root Causes of Insomnia

It’s always important to first consider the particulars of anyone’s sleeping disorder. Is the problem falling asleep in the first place, or is it being awakened in the middle of the night? Are you falling asleep at odd times of the day? Is your sleep disturbed regularly by troubling nightmares?

We’ll also see if there might be root causes of your broken sleep that we should know more about. Asthma, arthritis, chronic pain, sleep apnea and clinical depression are among the many possible physical and psychological causes of chronic insomnia. Certain poor lifestyle habits, such as sleeping during the day or eating too large a meal too close to bedtime can also lead to tossing and turning all night.

We’ll work with you to evaluate your situation and make sure that no other medical treatments or lifestyle changes should first be tried. We will only offer acupuncture if we are convinced that it might be the most effective treatment option in your case.

Traditional Medicine for Treating Insomnia

Acupuncture has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Its purpose is to stimulate blood flow and particular muscles and nerves in the body, depending on the condition being treated. This is done with the strategic placement of sterilized and very narrow needles at various points on your skin. While it might look painful or uncomfortable to have these needles inserted into your skin, it’s not. Most people feel little if any discomfort.

If you’re like many of our patients, acupuncture will have the effect of relaxing your mind and easing your stress level, which will help you get into better sleep patterns. In turn, you’ll find that a good night’s sleep will help boost your energy level during the day and deliver all sorts of mental and physical health benefits.

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At Rockefeller Health & Medical in Midtown Manhattan, our commitment is to deliver state-of-the art natural chiropractic and holistic care. In addition to acupuncture, our Midtown chiropractic clinic offers sports medicine, physical therapy and massage therapy from our office at 22 W. 48th Street. Call us for an appointment today at (212)-388-5050.

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