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Collateral Ligament Injuries

Visit Rockefeller Health & Medical for Collateral Ligament Injury Recovery

A collateral ligament injury is damage to the ligaments on the side of the knees. The ligaments are the support and stability for the knee bones. Some injuries are caused by a dramatic blow to the person, such as a football tackle, other times it can be caused by changing direction too fast mid-run, and other times the injury can arise with no clear cause. Regardless of the cause, this injury can be painful and debilitating. Proper diagnoses and care is vital. If you think you may have a knee injury visit us at Rockefeller Health & Medical. 

Man suffering from knee pain

These knee sprains are graded on three levels. Grade 1 means that the ligaments are mildly damaged and stretched but the knee joint is still stable. Grade 2 indicates a loose ligament and possibly a partial tear. A Grade 3 sprain is a complete tear of the ligament and an unstable knee joint. The pain threshold increases with each grade.

Traumatic Knee Injury Recovery 

If you have had a traumatic knee injury, or if you are dealing with associated symptoms but are unsure of the origin, visit a Hell's kitchen chiropractor NYC to find out the extent of your injury and begin on the road to recovery. Putting off rest with certain ligament injuries without proper care and rehabilitation can mean making the injury significantly worse than it was to begin with. A visit to our Midtown east and west chiropractor can mean stopping further damage and pain.

Timeline for Collateral Ligament Injury Recovery

Symptoms of a collateral ligament injury are pain at the outside side of the knee, swelling over the sight of the injury, and the feeling of instability in the knee. These symptoms will get worse without chiropractic care. 

Treatment options include ice, rest, bracing, and physical therapy to strengthen the knee and ligaments. Sometimes surgery may be required. 

The time-line for recovery is about eight weeks with surgery, and four to six weeks without. Returning to sports should only occur after the knee is strong enough and with a knee brace at first. Remember that taking it slow and following the step by step instructions given by your physical therapist will reduce changes of re-injury greatly.

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