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Herniated Disc Treatment with Your Midtown New York Chiropractor

Disc problems or herniated discs cause a patient pain in their spine, lower, and upper back, neck, arms, and legs. Chiropractic care treats disc pain and pinched nerves from herniated discs. There are several different treatments that Rockefeller Health Medical uses to treat herniated discs and other disc problems Don't suffer from pain, call us today to learn about our therapies that don't use surgery or prescription medications.

herniated disc

Symptoms of Herniated Disc

When you have a herniated disc it is the fluid that leaks out that causes you pain. It often pinches or irritates the nerves in the spine. It produces pain the roots of the nerves that spread to other parts of the body. When a disc is worn and damaged then the pain comes from the disc, not the material leaking from it. Discs are rubbery cushions between your bones. They are like a jelly donut with a soft interior and hard exterior. Most herniated disks do not need surgery to treat them.

What to Expect at Rockefeller Center for Treatment

When you make an appointment, our chiropractors will give you a complete exam. They will give you tests for nerve function and muscle strength. The doctors will test your muscles for pain when touched and when you move them. They will review your medical history and all symptoms associated with your disc. The chiropractors may order tests to confirm the diagnosis or get additional information.

Some of the tests used may be a CT scan, MRI scan, X-ray, or dye injected into your spinal fluid to take images. These tests help to get clear pictures of the damage to the disc. Once the diagnosis is made the doctor will design a treatment program that works for you.

Therapies Used to Treat Herniated Disks

Chiropractic Care - Used to treat herniated discs using hands on the spinal adjustment that help relieve pain and align the discs properly. We often use heat and cold therapy to keep swelling and inflammation down. Our chiropractors know many different types of spinal adjustments.

Physical Therapy - Our physical therapist may design an exercise routine to do at the office using our equipment that helps with pain and mobility. They may provide exercises at home to do that strengthen the disc and help with pain.

Massage Therapy and Medical Massage Therapy - Massage therapy may be used as an additional treatment to treat herniated discs. It will help with increased circulation, muscle flexibility, and range of motion.

Spinal Decompression Therapy - This therapy uses a motorized table to stretch your spine. It is used to treat herniated and bulging discs. The patient lies on the table and pressure is put on the spine. This procedure relieves pain and helps to align the disc.

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Contact Rockefeller Health Medical for an appointment to treat your injured disc. We don't want you to suffer with pain. Our chiropractor near 10036 zip codes wants to help you feel well again. Call (212)-388-5050 for more information.

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