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Repetitive Use Injuries

What Are Repetitive Use Injuries?

Repetitive use injuries are among the leading injuries in America. They result from repetitive day-to-day activities. Repetitive injuries comprise over 50% of sports-related injuries. A repetitive motion injury can occur from jogging or kicking a ball. Rockefeller Center Health Medical offers excellent chiropractic care in NYC, Midtown, Manhattan and Midtown West.

Man suffering from a repetitive injury What Are Repetitive Use Disorders?

A repetitive use disorder is an injury due to stressing or straining a particular part of your body. Often, it causes swelling, pain, tissue damage and muscle strain. Generally, repetitive stress disorders resemble repetitive use injuries, sprains and strains. Repetitive injuries are common in athletes. However, repetitive stress disorders cause work-related injuries.

Most Common Repetitive Use Disorders

1.    Tendinitis

Tendons are white fibrous tissues which connect bones to muscles. They allow joints to move in different directions. Naturally, tendons are sturdy as they usually support your whole body weight. A person suffering from tendinitis has swollen cords. It mostly affects the biceps, elbow and shoulder.

Tendinitis is common in men. Typically, the inflammation occurs where the tendon attaches to the bone. A lubricating sheath encloses the cord up to where it connects with the muscle. Sometimes, the sheath can swell hence causing tenosynovitis. It closely resembles tendinitis. Nevertheless, it may be due to the carpal tunnel syndrome.

2.    Bursitis

Bursae are tiny sacs found in certain parts of your body especially those with intense friction. Usually, they cushion and lubricate joints. When a bursa sac swells, it causes bursitis. You have more than ten bursae in your body. In some people, they occur at birth while others develop bursitis as they grow. It affects your hip, elbow and knee. Also, there are different types of bursitis such as gouty, infectious and traumatic bursitis.

Causes of Repetitive Use Injuries

Often, repetitive use injuries occur when tissue tears. There are several causes of repetitive motion injuries such as:

  • Trauma 
  • Repetitive activity
  • Crystal deposits
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Friction

Symptoms of Repetitive Motion Injuries


Tendinitis worsens when you move an inflamed tendon. You may notice some red patches on the affected part. Sometimes, you experience chronic pain when you flex your biceps. You may suffer from golfer's elbow when you play golf.


Some common symptoms of bursitis include decreased motion, tenderness, pain, inflammation and redness. Your elbow, hip and knee may swell. Visiting a Midtown chiropractor for chiropractic treatment is prudent.

How Chiropractic Care can Help Treat Repetitive Use Injuries

A trained chiropractor from the Rockefeller Center can effectively manage and minimize pain and swelling. Chiropractic care offers Midtown East patients a non-invasive alternative to over-the-counter drugs. Chiropractors make spinal adjustments to reduce spinal misalignments and restrictions. 

Whether you are suffering from chronic back pain or swollen wrists, the Rockefeller Health Medical treats patients from New York, NY 10036. Our Hell's kitchen chiropractor consults and examines you to create an ideal treatment plan. Call us at (212)-388-5050 for a free consultation.

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