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Elbow Sprains and Strains

Our Midtown Chiropractor in NYC Provides Relief for Elbow Pain

There are many different reasons why a person may seek out our Midtown chiropractor at Rockefeller Health & Medical. While the most common reasons are usually back or neck pain, chiropractic care is also beneficial for providing relief from elbow pain caused by sprains and strains. 

Man suffering from elbow pain Causes and Symptoms of Elbow Pain

The elbow is a joint that brings together three bones including the humerus (or upper arm bone) along with two bones in the forearm- the radius and ulna. In the mix, is cartilage, located at the end of each bone in order to act as a shock absorber, ligament tissue, muscles, as well as nerves and blood vessels. When something goes wrong with any of these components, it can result in elbow pain.

How Elbow Injuries Happen

One Time Injuries

Elbow injuries can happen because of a specific injury, such as a dislocated elbow, common in small children or those who have tried to catch themselves while falling. Fractured elbows are also common sports related injuries that happen when there is a break in the bone near the elbow joint.  Dislocations and fractured need to be reset, but there are other elbow injuries that are commonly seen by our chiropractor in Manhattan that don't happen from a single event, but rather gradual wear and tear.

Wear and Tear

More often than not, if your elbow hurts, it is due to wear and tear injury, which is usually caused simply by pushing yourself a little too far. The pain itself either comes from muscle strain or from a ligament sprain.

How Elbow Sprains and Strains Happen

There are several activities that can lead to elbow strains or sprains including

  • Heavy lifting
  • Repeated motion sports
  • Work requirements, such as reaching above the head or from side to side repeatedly

Two common injures that happen in these types of situations are bursitis and tendinitis. Bursitis of the elbow happens when there is a disruption with the bursa sacs in your elbow joint. These sacs contain fluid to help with cushioning, but they may also become inflamed and cause pain.

Tendinitis usually hits either the tendons on the outside of the elbow (tennis elbow) or the inside (golfer's elbow),

Options for Relieving Elbow Pain

When you have pain in your elbow as a result of strains and sprains, often the best course of action is to take it easy. Avoid moving your arm too much for a while, and apply ice in order to alleviate pain and swelling. The next step is to apply appropriate precautions in order to prevent future flare ups. This is achieved by finding the right stretching and strength exercises and performing them in the right balance. For many, this is challenging for them to do on their own, and leads them to seek out a chiropractor in Manhattan to help them manage their pain.

Contact our Manhattan Chiropractor for Elbow Pain Relief

Rockefeller Health & Medical is located in the heart of NYC in the 10036 zip code, and serves as an excellent choice for those who need chiropractic care in Midtown West, Midtown East, Hell's Kitchen and the surrounding NYC areas. If you are in New York and have been asking yourself where to find a chiropractor near me, contact Rockefeller Health & Medical at (212)-388-5050 to schedule an appointment.

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