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Shoulder complications are the norm for many people in the world today. Whether caused by sports, work, or simply doing chores around the house, shoulder pain and discomfort can be overwhelming. While there are a few different ways to treat shoulder problems, one of the leading solutions is chiropractic care. If you happen to live in the New York, New York area and you’re looking for relief from your shoulder problems, then one call to Rockefeller Health & Medical is all it takes. Our alternative care chiropractor is very experienced in treating rotator cuff injuries, torn muscles, and many other shoulder issues.


Keep reading to learn more about some of the common causes of shoulder pain, including how we can help!

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Given the complexity of the shoulder and its joints, injury can easily happen, even post-surgery. Take a look at some of the leading causes of shoulder complications:


This condition involves the inflammation and swelling of the bursae, which are small sacs full of fluid that are found in joints throughout the body. These sacs act as cushions between bones and soft tissues, providing less friction when working with muscles and bones. On some occasions, heavy use of the shoulder can lead to inflammation and swelling in this area, causing pain.


Tendinitis is another common culprit to shoulder discomfort. Tendinitis tends to typically happen as a result of an inflamed tendon, which is a cord that connects your muscles to your bones. This condition can either be acute or chronic. The inflamed tendons in the shoulder that typically lead to tendonitis include the four rotator cuff tendons and one tendon in the bicep.

Tendon Tear

When a shoulder tendon tears, there will be pain involved. Tendons split or tears happen as a result of an acute injury or degenerative changes in the tendon itself. This can happen from age, long-term overuse, or a sudden injury.


Impingement in the shoulder happens when the very top of the shoulder blade puts pressure on soft tissues. More specifically, this pressure affects the soft tissues that function when the arm is lifted away from the body. This condition can cause pain and result in a limit of movement, and it can even happen post-surgery.

How Our Alternative Chiropractic Care Can Help

When you visit Rockefeller Health & Medical for a shoulder consultation, we can examine the area, ask your questions about the pain, then provide you with a treatment plan that’s focused on limiting pain and reaching your goals.

Located in New York, New York, Rockefeller Health & Medical is here to tackle your shoulder problems with unbeatable shoulder treatment solutions. Call 212-499-9110 (Corner of 5th Ave & 42nd St) or (212)388-5050 (48th Between 5th & 6th Ave) to make an appointment with our chiropractor!

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