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Sciatic Treatment with Your Midtown New York Chiropractor

Sciatic is caused by pain that runs along the nerve. This nerves run down your back along your hips, buttocks and legs. It is often caused by a herniated disk, when your spine narrows or bone spur. The pain can be severe to mild but most cases can be treated with without surgery or drugs. You will often suffer from pain that radiates down your spine to your legs. The level of pain varies from mild to severe. Often the pain gets worse when you sit for long periods of time and sometimes numbness set in. The chiropractor Dr. Anthony Conte will create a personalized treatment program for your sciatica.

What Causes Your Sciatica Pain?

Often the pain is caused by aging and wear on the sciatica nerve. Damaging to your disc, bone spurs, and tumors can cause sciatica pain. When your overweight the pressure on your spine can lead to sciatica too. Working at a physical job that requires you to perform repetitive movements, carrying heavy loads, or driving for long periods of time causes sciatica. Sitting for long periods of time and having diabetes are other risk factors. Sciatica causes permanent nerve damage when you don't seek treatment quickly.

Diagnose and Treatment at Our NYC Office

Our chiropractor will give you a physical exam and perform some tests to determine the cause of your pain. X-rays are used to look at damage to the spine and for bone spurs. MRI and CT scans are used to look at bones, soft tissues, discs, spinal cord, and nerves. Sometimes our doctor uses EMG tests to determine nerve compression from herniated discs or to find narrowing of the spine. Once the diagnosis is made different therapies will be suggested.

Chiropractic Care involves spinal adjustments where the spine and nerves are manipulated by hand or using a device to reduce pain. Often we use hot and cold therapy to help with inflammation and swelling.

Spinal decompression is another therapy that is used to treat this condition. This therapy uses a traction table that helps to stretch the spine and relieve pain. It is a non-surgical procedure. Sessions usually last 1 hour and several sessions are needed to see optimal results. Medical massage therapy is often used to treat sciatica pain. The therapist uses specialized techniques to ease nerve pain, soothe your muscles, numbness, and tingling associated with the sciatica nerve. It is effective when combined with other therapies.

Physical therapy often involves a number of therapies. Our therapist will design special exercises for you to perform at the office and home. Other therapies that might be used are ultrasound and electrical stimulation. In some cases acupuncture is used to treat sciatica pain and is an effective treatment.

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