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Neck Pain Treatment From Your Manhattan Chiropractor

You may not realize just what a critical role your neck plays in countless daily tasks every day -- until the day you find that you can't perform any of those tasks with excruciating pain. From looking out your side window as you drive and tilting your head down to read a book to simply finding a comfortable sleep position at night, a painful neck can rob you of much of the functionality most of us take for granted. But whether you've injured your neck in an auto accident or you're feeling the effects of age on your cervical spine, you'll be glad to know that you don't have to just "grin and bear it." Our chiropractor, Dr. Anthony Conte, and medical physician, Dr. Rish Dalal, can create a personalized neck pain treatment program to get you feeling better.

Why You're Suffering From Neck Pain

While your need for a neck pain specialist may be obvious, the underlying reason for that need might not be so clear to you. Even if you've suffered an acute neck injury, you may not know exactly what's gone wrong in your neck. In the case of whiplash, for example, the extreme forces exerted on your neck may have caused vertebral subluxation or even disrupted your neck's normal curvature -- but at the same time, it may have torn muscles, strained tendons and/or impinged cervical nerve roots. Any of these issues, or all of them, could be behind your neck pain.

Chronic neck conditions may lurk painlessly for some time before they finally produce noticeable discomfort. As you grow older, for example, your cervical discs naturally lose water content. This causes them to bulge and flatten, reducing the space between vertebrae and possibly herniating painfully onto nearby nerve tissue. At the same time, the vertebral joints suffer chronic inflammation and potential arthritis. If the bony channels surround the nerve roots or the spinal cord become abnormally narrow, a condition known as spinal stenosis, you may experience neck pain and well as uncomfortable symptoms in the upper extremities. Even a small imbalance between the skull and the upper cervical spine, or a postural problem (such as the constant head droop seen in "text neck" cases) can result in chronic pain from strained soft tissues.

Safe, Effective Neck Pain Relief for Manhattan and NYC

Whatever's causing your neck pain, you're undoubtedly anxious to gain control over this agonizing issue and go back to enjoying everyday life again. But instead of just picking an NYC doctor at random, do your neck a favor by selecting the right clinic for the job -- Rockefeller Heath Medical.

Safe, accurate, effective neck pain treatment calls for a neck pain specialist -- and we have two of them ready to serve your needs. Dr. Conte and Dr. Dalal will work together to evaluate your condition and pinpoint the underlying reasons for your neck pain. If your problem can best be treated through traditional solutions such as medication or surgery, we will not hesitate to recommend that course of action. But whenever possible, we will administer conservative care as our first line of defense against a neck problem. These non-invasive options may include:

Chiropractic adjustments to the cervical spine that return joints and vertebrae to their proper positions

Massage therapy to enhance circulation, drainage and healing in soft tissues

Acupuncture, which relieves pain, relaxes muscles, normalizes function, and promotes an overall feeling of well-being

Physical therapy to re-establish optimal strength and range of motion in an injured or ailing neck

These various options can work synergistically, with each enhancing the benefits of the others. Your Manhattan neck pain doctor may combine several such modalities into a customized pain relief or pain management plan to suit your specific condition. We can even make suggestions for maintaining good posture and a neck-friendly lifestyle, which can help you avoid recurring or worsening neck symptoms.

Your Rockefeller Center Neck Pain Doctor Is Ready to Help You

Acute or chronic neck pain is a terrible thing to have to endure -- but fortunately, you're not stuck with having to endure it any longer. Your Rockefeller Center neck pain doctor is standing by to provide the safe, effective care your neck needs, so call (212)-388-5050 today to schedule a medical examination at Rockefeller Health Medical!

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