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Impingement Syndrome

Connect with our Midtown Chiropractors in NYC for Non-Invasive Solutions for Impingement Syndrome or Other Shoulder Pain

Looking for a Midtown chiropractor in 10036 and surrounding areas for help with your shoulder pain?  We invite you to get to know our experienced NYC chiropractic team at Rockefeller Health Medical!

Man suffering from impingement syndrome Common Causes, Symptoms & Risk Factors of Shoulder Pain 

  • Impingement Syndrome (Swimmer's Shoulder): this occurs when the space narrows through which some of your rotator cuff tendons pass (beneath a bone in the top of your shoulder called the acromion), compressing the tendons. Bursae (friction reducing fluid filled sacs) may also be involved.
  • Sports Injury: rotator cuff strains, ligament sprains, biceps tendonitis, and other soft tissue shoulder conditions commonly occur as a result of a sports injury. 
  • Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder): this condition causes a progressive and significant loss of motion; it usually occurs following some sort of injury or infection at the shoulder. 
  • Shoulder Subluxation/Dislocation: the top end of your upper arm bone becomes partially or fully dislodged from the shoulder joint.

Symptoms of these conditions can range greatly and affect men, women, and children alike. They can be gradual or sudden and can worsen with activity, time of day, or movement. Pain is often dull, achy, or sharp. In severe cases, a person may have trouble moving their arm, lifting objects, or even performing basic daily tasks.

You may be more at risk for shoulder pain if you experience:

  • Repetitive overhead use
  • Poor body mechanics and posture, especially while 
  • Acute trauma (sports, auto accident, work injury)
  • A prior history of shoulder injury (since scar tissue, weakness, and instability can develop)

Sometimes there is no obvious cause of your shoulder pain, or it may be referred from another area of the body (such as a pinched nerve in the neck). 

How Our Hell's Kitchen Chiropractors Treat & Manage Shoulder Pain

Our Hell's Kitchen chiropractor team works tirelessly to get to the bottom of your shoulder pain. Once we've determined a diagnosis, we can customize your shoulder pain treatment to help you experience improved strength, pain-free range of motion, and decreased swelling, inflammation, and tissue damage. 

To achieve these goals, our services may include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic adjustments (your shoulder blade sits on your ribs and spine, so proper alignment can greatly affect your shoulder!) 
  • Medical massage
  • Corrective exercises

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